192 Riders set for 56th Tevis Western States Trail Ride October 8

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September 29, Auburn, CA. ~ The 56th annual Western States Trail Ride will run for the first time in October due to heavy snow on the trails in July/August. (see article) http://wp.me/p14mQ2-mb

Chuck Stalley, 2011 Ride Director, cautions about some of the differences in the Fall ride, scheduled to go off at 5:15am, including 2 fewer hours of daylight, a very chilly start, and possible frost on the bridges.  Riders will start down the trail over one hour before breaking dawn, which necessitates warm riding gear for horse and rider.  A trail change, taking out Bald Mt. and the Pucker Point loop after Robinson Flat will head riders down Road 43 in an effort to get riders through the canyons in daylight. On the 8th, the October moon will be past its first quarter and  3 days shy of it’s full glory set for October 11. Since the ride date also falls during deer hunting season, signs have  been posted and riders are advised to wear brightly colored clothing  for added visibility.  Although still too far out to know, the 7 day weather report for Auburn calls for possible rain in the week of October 3-6.

Ride list as of September 28:  RiderList1

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