Changes for the Team

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What a difference a day makes.  The sun came out, the teams had on clean shirts (well, they looked clean), Sheikh Mohammed was there with son, Hamdan.  Maria Alvarez and husband, Jauma, were there…..she looking swelte and energetic.  Up-to-date changes for the US team took Berjo Smokey off the team list, which moved Ellen Rapp and her second qualified mount,  the 13 yr old Shagya gelding, SA Belshazzar  and Ellen,  to 1st alternate…and moved the 1st alternate, Deborah Reich, to the team with DJB Juniper.

Just before this event, I took a fast trip to the Alltech Arena to catch Reining and dressage lengend, Anky Van Grunsven of Netherlands, come in 5th in the Team Event riding her flashy Whizashiningwalla.  They’ve just announced the Reining Team wins for the day:  US, Gold; Austria, Silver,; Brazil, Bronze.  The US team looked great and so “AA – All American”.  All buffed cowboys in white colored shirts and great hats!  I did see several gals put in great rides as well.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was onsite and gave a very nice interview to Bloomberg News, Margaret Brennan. Watch for it tomorrow or the next morning.

The Opening Ceremony is tonight- more news later.


Photos coming.

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