Doug Swingley leads Mountain Team A at the North American Endurance Team Challenge

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2011  North American Endurance Team Challenge (NAETC),

September 25~ Greenville, CA.~ Lexington, KY – California’s Cascade Mountains welcomed  the 2011 North American Endurance Team Challenge members where 10 teams from the United States and Canada ran for the medals.  In addition, five individuals representing four countries vied for individual honors.
Team Gold was captured by Mountain A, finishing in a combined time of 31:07:13 with Doug Swingley leading aboard Pal of Mine.  Mountain A Team members Suzanne Hayes with Greenbriar Al Jabal and Suzanne Hedgecock with Aireagle clinched the win; teammate Christoph Schork was eliminated at gate four.

Taking the Team Silver was Northeast -North. The team completed the course within seconds of each other for an overall time of 33:57:29. Kyle Gibbon and Soho, Steve Rojek and Beaujolais, and Gene Limlaw and Con La Garcia brought in times as Kathy Brunjes and Frontier Random were eliminated at the finish.

The Northeast continued it’s march for the medals, as their second team, Northeast-East, captured the Bronze in a combined ride time of 35:53:31. Leading the team was individual Silver medalist Meg Sleeper, who raced to the finish in a time of 8:17:34 with home bred. Syrocco Reveille. Sleeper was followed by teammates Lisa Green with LR Amana Tabi and Holly Corcoran with DJB Santanas Chief. Team member, Melody Blittersdorf was eliminated at gate three.

The Individual medals were Jeremy Reynolds  from Pacific South and A Kutt Above who outran Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Reveille by a nose to take the Gold in 8:17:33. Becky Hart on No Repeat rode as an individual for Pacific South, and took the Bronze medal in 8:38:30. No Repeat also earned the coveted Best Conditioned Horse award.



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