Dr. Margaret Sleeper, Veterinarian Cardiologist, Top Competitor

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Margaret (Meg) Sleeper, VMD, DACVIM (Cardiology), Section Chief Cardiology, Associate Professor of Cardiology

Frenchtown, New Jersey    

Born: 1967            
The top ranking endurance rider in the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation’s Endurance Standings says that finding time is the challenge. This is no wonder, as Dr. Margaret Sleeper has a comprehensive day job. When she is not training to compete, or in a competition, she spends her time at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine where she is Chief of the Section of Cardiology. Dr. Sleeper is a clinician and an associate professor, and her research at the  Matthew J. Ryan Hospital on the Penn campus is focused primarily on dogs and cats.
Dr. Sleeper’s love of horses, and her veterinarian father, shaped her career choice. “I’ve always been involved with horses, and that sparked in me a real interest in veterinary medicine,” she said.
Dr. Sleepers’ continued research and publications are aiding the world of veterinary medicine. She was one of four authors who published the  comprehensive 2011 book, Feline Cardiology, for Wiley books. http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0813812429.html. Her credits in 2011 included the publication of 11 scientific publications as well.  Link to published articles: http://wp.me/p26iCL-zp . She is presently seeking funds to begin a canine clinical trial using gene therapy to treat heart disease.
A lifelong horsewoman, Dr. Sleeper has been competing in endurance since 1986 and has an impressive amount of stamps in her passport  for International competitions. After her first Gold Medal win for the USA Pan American Team in 2001, she has ridden in five other Pan American Championships. She and husband, Dave Augustine, raise and train their  horses on their farm near Frenchtown, New Jersey. Dr. Sleeper credits Dave  with much of the work in keeping the horses in training and also helping with travel to world-wide competitions, as he is often driver, co-ordinator, groom and right hand man.

January 2012 Record:

Over 10,000 recorded AERC competition miles+ International miles:

2011- Member US Team, Pan American Games, (Santo Domingo, Chili), Syrocco Cadence

2011- NAETZ Silver Individual and Team Bronze, Syrocco Reveille (California)

 2010-  World Endurance Games, Syrocco Harmony, (Lexington, KY)

2009 – Arabian Horse Association National Endurance Championship, Syrocco Reveille Oklahoma

2008 – World Endurance Championship, USA Team member, (Terrenganu, Malaysia), Syrocco Reveille

2007- Zone Team Challenge (Montana, USA) Team Gold Medal, 1st, place, Best Condition, Shyrocco Troilus

2007- Pan American Endurance Championship, (Pinamar, Argentina),-11th place

2006- Argentinian National Championship ride- 6th place

2006- World Endurance Championship, Aachen, Germany, 22nd place, Shyrocco Troilus

2005- Pan American Endurance Championship (Maryland, USA)-USA East team

2004- President‟s Cup (Abu Dhabi, UAE); USA team

2004- World Endurance Championship (Dubai, UAE); USA team

2003- Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 16th place

2003- Pan American Endurance Championship (Washington, USA)-USA East team

2002- World Endurance Championship (Jerez, Spain); alternate

2002- Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 32nd place

2001- Pan American Endurance Championship (Vermont, USA) Gold medal team; individual 7th place

1997- Race of Champions (Pennsylvania, USA) gold medal team; individual 20th place




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