Friday 29 scheduled for Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Endurance Championships

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 Friday Lexington, KY~ Qualified endurance riders between the ages of 14-21 will follow some of the same trails as the 2010 World Equestrian Games riders over Lexington farms and fields as they compete for the North American Junior/Young Rider Championship award. As of this writing, 29 riders from five countries will head out on the 160k 4* and 120k 2* ridesFriday morning.


4* (Definite Entries as of July 20, 2011)


Devan Horn on DJB Deste Jassman


Mary Kathryn Clark on Ebony Cassanova

Kelsey Russell on My Wild Irish Gold


Kyle Gibbon on Miss Koran

Lindsay Bean on Tektonic


Jessica DiCamillo on Crestwind Premiere


Lee Hutten on I Bee Jazzin

2* (Riders in this category may change mounts)


Sophia Bashir on Dazed and Amazed

Keslsey Kimbler on LR Bold Greyson

McCamey Kimbler on Granny’s Scarlet

McKinzie Flanagon on Guesswhozgotitall


Mallory Capps on Khomets Sassi Bambi

Cassandra Roberts on SA Belshazarr


Meghan Delp on Layla Z Gold

Forest Green on PL Nino

Steven Hay on Khalil Asam

Alayna Wagner on Laconic

Katherine Gardener on Gold Raven

Liz Moran on Hadban USA


Frances Chase-Dunn on DJB Cytron Kon JMF


Gabriel Mendoza on Mirbat Dreamy Gal

Mariana Meixueiro on FC Lantana

Christopher Ugarte on Lu Nor Soverign


Jessica Yavis on Mistys Knight

Emma Webb on CWM Felen Zillary


Maria Capdevila de Chopitea on Reach For The Gold


Pauline Wadewitz on Spectacular Gold


Francisco Quintana Barrera on BHF Flash Back

Camilo Andres Villa on Sir Vulent

The NAJYRC is the top competition in North America for Junior and Young Riders,  the only FEI championship held every year on the continent. Endurance is the fifth discipline to be included. Dressage, eventing, and jumping have been recognized disciplines in this competition since 1981.  Reining was added in 2008.
Age qualifications for horse and rider: An Athlete must  be fourteen (14) to twenty-one (21) years of age, born between January 1, 1990 and July 29, 1997 and  a current member in good standing from the date of the application through the end of the NAJYRC of the AERC, AERC International and USEF, and have current FEI registration.

The horse must be at least eight (8) years old, eligible under FEI rules, registered with the FEI, life recorded with the USEF pursuant to USEF Rule GR1102, in good standing under USEF rules and must have a valid FEI Passport.

An agreement reached with the Fédération Equestre Internationale allows the 2011, 120km NAJYR Endurance Championship to be held as a CEI** and outlines eligibility guidelines. To qualify, riders must have competed in at least three 50-mile rides and completed an event at the FEI CEI* level.


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