Global Arabian Racing Conference Schedule The Hague

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Mats Genberg / 2011-05-27 ~ The final schedule for the 2nd Global Arabian Racing Conference is now in place.

The conference is to be held June 16-18 at Hilton Hotel – The Hague, and will be followed by an Arabian Race Meeting at Duindigt Race Track on the 19th.

Attending the conference is free of charge and no prior registration is necessary.

Just show up in good time before the conference starts and register on location.

The conference will be held at Hilton Hotel in the centre of The Hague
Guests are also staying at Mercure Hotel and Hotel des Indes.

There are plenty of good value hotels to be found in the city with prices starting at less than €100 for a double room in a 4-star hotel.Please check out or other booking sites for details.

The Hague is a quiet city with a very nice atmosphere. Only about 30 minutes by train from Schiphool Airport (AMS). There are plenty of restaurants and pedestrian streets in the central city.

Please note that the entire conference will be broadcast live on AD Sports TV!


June 16

From 10.30 – 12.30pm

Session 1:Breeding:
Moderator : Nasr Marei
Khalid Al Naboodah(UAE)
Faysal Al Rahmani(UAE)
Deborah Mihaloff(US)
Longin Blachut (Pol/ Swiss)
Dominique Akel (FR)
Mondher Zoueiten(Tun)

3.30 – 5.30pm
Session 2 Racing & Training:
Moderator: Redha Attiyeh (Tun)
Jean Pierre Totain(FR)
Gilles Duffield (UK/ UAE)
Erwan Charpy(Fr/ UAE)
Adrie de Vries(Neth)
Tracey Nunley (US)
Alban De Mieule(Fr/Qatar)

Reserve: Eric Le Martinel (Fr/ UAE)

8.30pm Welcome Dinner at Duivenvoorde Castle

June 17th

From 10.30 – 12.30pm

Session 3: Women in Arabian Racing:
Moderator: Suzana Santesson(Ger)


UAE General Women’s Union speaker (UAE)
Kathy Smoke( US)
Lara Sawaya (UAE)
Hannie Maasdijk (Neth/ Qtr)
Dr. Inge Wijnberg(Neth)
Genny Haynes (UK)

3.30 – 5.30pm
Session 4: Vets and Nutrition
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Al Mashmoum(Morocco)

Dr. Andrew Douglesh(UK/UAE)
Dr. Abdulwahab Amira(Tun/ UAE)
Dr. Michael Daems(Qatar)
Dr. Roland Devolz(FR)
Dr. Abdulla Araba(Morocco)
Dr Russel Multon(New Zealand/UAE)
Mikael Holmström (Swe)

June 18th

10.30 – 12:
Session 5: Future and Promotion
Moderator: Ahmad Abdelrazak(Egypt)
Sami Al Boueinen(Qat)
Louis Romanet(FR)?
Wieger de Ruiter (Neth)
Mats Genberg(Swe)
Essam Abdulla(UAE)
Lara Sawaya(UAE)

Reserve: Ed Wilson(US)

12 – 2pm:
Workshop moderated by Dr. Mohammed Al Mashmoum(Mor)


World Arabian Horse Racing Conference Gala dinner, at Hotel Des Indes, the Hague.


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