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Hello and welcome to Horsereporter, your International connection to the World of Arabian horses. Horsereporter is dedicated to bringing you the news. Check for important performance calendar dates and the latest results of top competitions. Traveling around the globe, I follow the event, the winners and the statistics. Be in the  know about top performers and top pedigrees  – from next door – to the the other side of the world.  

Pamela & Babba Louie 2011

Pamela Burton, a lifelong horsewoman, followed the USA endurance team to Dubai in 1998 and discovered a photographic passion. Pamela has chronicled International equestrian events in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, the UAE, and the United States for individuals and major magazines, hardcopy and online. The three years spent living and working in Abu Dhabi and Dubai brought  forward many opportunities to photograph horses in every discipline.

Publication and photo credits include: Arabian Finish Line, Modern Arabian Horse, Endurance World, Chronicle of the Horse, Equestrio, Horses Illustrated, Quarter Horses USA, Paint Horse Journal, Shawati Magazine, Trail Blazer, American Cowboy, Ride!, USEF, Yachts Emirates, and Western Times. Online magazines: Endurance World, HorseCity. Covers: Modern Arabian Horse, Ride!  Book inclusions: How Good Riders Get Good, Denny Emerson; Horse Trails, Vicki Hogue-Davies.

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