Kentucky Racing Commission proposal to aid minor breeds purse development

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Kathryn K. Smoke / 2011-03-28

The Arabian Jockey Club of the USA was contacted by agents for the Kentucky Racing Commission to review a proposed New Administrative Rule. This New Administrative Rule would provide a breeders incentive and purse development fund for the minor breeds in Kentucky.
This regulation (when passed) will cover the Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Arabian breeds. One of its directives is to upgrade the quality of racing in Kentucky and to improve the quality of horses bred in Kentucky. (this pertains to the minor breeds)This administrative regulation establishes eligibility standards, administrative practices to enforce the standards and the administration of purses and payments in races which Quarter Horses, Arabians and Appaloosa’s participate in.
The unparalled success of the UAE Presidents Cup run at Keeneland in October of 2010 along with the opening of the Arabian Horse Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park has brought about a renewed awareness of the Arabian breed and racing. The Emirates Equestrian Federation was made aware of this proposed new administrative regulation in a letter from the AJC expressing our sincere appreciation for placing the UAE Presidents Cup Stakes on the race card of the historic Keeneland race track. This race was instrumental in raising the level of awareness of Arabian racing in the USA and in Kentucky.
The Arabian Jockey Club of the USA welcomes the participation of the EEF in furthering the development of Arabian racing in the state of Kentucky.


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