Ladies Fegentri Cup promises 20,000€ prize

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June 15 Den Haag~ On June 19, emphasizing the importance of the 3-day World Arabian Horse Racing Conference, an extravaganza of five Arabian races will be held at the track at Dundigt, Holland.  A lovely addition to the day will be the Ladies Fegentri Cup with a 20,000€ purse supported by HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, the Chairperson for the UAE General Women’s Union.   Riders  from 10 countries will compete in Sunday’s International Race for Lady Riders on 11 horses, one from each country and two riders from the UAE.  Countries participating are: Sweden, England, Qatar, Denmark, Ireland, UAE, Switzerland Oman, Netherlands, and Germany.

Horses, country bred, weight they must carry, horse number, rider and country represented:

1  Athlete del Sol (FR) 64,5 (4) Mw. T. Henriksson (SWE)

2  Sankado (FR) KAP 64,0 (8) Mw. R. King (GB)

3  Nil Ishan Ibn Al Sakbe(SWI)KAP 63,5 ( 5) Mw. K. Al Bastaki (QT)

4  Mondiale Kossack (RUS) 63,0 ( 9) Mw. R. Munk Sorensen (Dk)

5  RM El Nino (SWE) 61,0 (11) Mw. K. Jane Harrison (Ire)

6 Tarfa(FR) 61,0 (7) Mw. S.A.M.A. Al Hajjaj (UAE)

7 Nil Karazi (SWI) KAP 60,0 ( 2) Mw. S. Leutwiler (Swi)

8  Siba (IRQ) 60,0 (10) Mw. F. Al Manji (Om)

9  Vantage Lady (FR) 59,0 ( 1) Mw. F.J.S.M. Al Marri(UAE)

10 Phraseur Kossack 57,5 ( 3) Mw. J. Pietrasiewicz  (ND)

11 Le Madou (FR)  57 Mw B. Weber (GER)

FEGENTRI stands for Fédération Internationale des Gentlemen-Riders et des Cavalières or in English, International Federation of Gentlemen and Lady Riders and the group was founded in 1955 by a handful of enthusiastic amateur riders. Founding members were France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. Many nations have joined FEGENTRI since 1955 and today the membership consists of 25 different countries.  The best amateur riders of each member country of FEGENTRI qualify to participate in the World Championships and they all feel very honoured and privileged to represent their respective countries. They are all “amateurs” and therefore do not receive any fee for riding in races. Amateur riders competing in FEGENTRI World Championship races come from varied backgrounds and all have a full time profession. Among competitors, one my find bankers, students, policemen and even a vicar! They are all united by a common passion for horse racing.

The amateur lady riders jockeying for Sunday’s prize include riders aged 21-32, and riding is their passion.  Included in the group are students, a veterinarian, a lawyer, a life coach, and several in racing jobs outside of riding. Riders gain points for race placings and compete for the World Championship each year.  The winning Lady rider for 2010 was 25 yr old Tina Henriksson, who will be racing Sunday.
More rider information and the history of Fegentri is on the website:

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