Leclerc to work as consultant for the Brazilian Squad

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 – JL Leclerc consultant du Brésil

   – 10 June ~  Jean Louis Leclerc has added another country to his expanding training curriculum.   After years of success as the French Endurance Chef d’Equipe, he was let go  by the French federation just before the Lexington World Equestrian Games, citing his age as a reason for his retirement. The new federal plan for French Endurance no longer requires a full time coach and feels it is time for the application of new blood. Although only 62 and despite his undeniable results, Jean-Louis Leclerc will not be reappointed.  Bénédicte Emonts Rider of Team France Endurance 1992-1998 has been earmarked instead, a decision that the former veterinarian still today finds it difficult to accept: “I still do not understand, and I must say it has given me quite a blow to my morale.  I do not blame the French endurance, “ he said in Grand Prix Replay.

A Veterinarian for 30 years, Leclerc was the head of the French endurance team for 6 years and involved in the federation for 16 years. He earned respect and steered the teams to achieve results with 18 medals- 9 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze.

Since then, he has been on the hot list to train for several countries, but he quickly found a home with  the German federation to shape their team for the 2014 WEG.  They did not seem to have a problem with his age. With the current German squad, who took the Bronze at the WEG, Leclerc already has a strong structure to start, and his successful method of team riding will surely be a positive influence. Germany already has a well-developed Arabian breeding program and Leclerc excels at shaping mounts with promising endurance qualities.  After finding out the proposed schedule for Germany, he felt he had time to take other challenging work as well.

Since March Leclerc has  also been working for Brazil as technical advisor, helping the team to select and train a squad for the PanAm (in Chile) and the World Young Riders Championship in Abu Dhabi.  He plans to be in Brazil about one week a month for training and also for team selection and competitions.  “We have to win and at the same time protect the horses,” he said in an interview in Sao Paulo.
Congratulations Germany and Brazil on your wise selection.

En Francais – Jean-Louis Leclerc cumule les mandats. Après avoir accepté d’entraîner l’Allemagne, voici que l’ex-sélectionneur français se laisse séduire par l’Amérique du Sud et plus particulièrement le Brésil. Le Brésil a depuis plusieurs années développé des liens avec la France, grâce à des programmes d’échanges initiés par Guilherme Ferrera. On voit aussi assez régulièrement des cavaliers brésilens en action sur le circuit français.

Jean-Louis officiera au Brésil en tant que conseiller technique, en assistant le staff dans les procédures de sélection et d’entraînement, en préparation de la PanAm au Chili et du Championnat du Monde Juniors à Abu Dhabi.


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