Léonard Liesens Chef d’Equipe for Norway Endurance

May 12, 2013, Belgium ~ Leonard Liesens is the new Chef d’Equipe for Norway Léonard Liesens, Chef d’Equipe de la Norvège

Leonard Liesens has accepted the position of Chef d’Equipe of Norway, a country that is small on the international endurance scene, but has some very competitive horses and riders. “I have just come from my first clinic in Borway, and all the lakes were still frozen. In spite of the ice and snow, the horses almost never stop training and conditioning and I was very impressed. The riders and horse are quite accustomed to the harsh conditions. The first competition will be the Baltique Championship in Estonia at Kurgjarve on May 24.  It is a local championship with individual and teams from the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic countries and Russia. There will be a senior and a junior Norwegian team competing there.(CEI1* 80CEI2* 120CEIYJ1* 80CEIYJ2* 120)

Liesens has competed at top level endurance – including four world championships, two European championships, three Pan American championships and many other international competitions – worldwide. One of his first 160km rides was the US Tevis Ride in 1997. He successfully campaigned his horse, Orfeo des Iviers (Pedant x Opala) from 2000-2010. Liesens has continued his passion, riding in endurance competitions, literally all over the world. His book, Endurance, A French Perspective, has been translated into several languages.

In his book foreword, Jack Begaud writes: “The worldwide enthusiasm for this close to nature equestrian sport was in need of this recognition work from a European rider. This book is a real reference manual where all riders or just fans will find the information they are looking for.”


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