Macau Jockey Club to feature Star- River Windsor Arch Fegentri Lady Riders Charity Race

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Henriksson accepts winning award in Abu Dhabi

November 11, 2001, Macau~The Macau Jockey Club’s first international race night on November 18, Grand Prix weekend, promises to be an occasion to remember, with a star-studded cast of horses, jockeys and trainers from all parts of the world.

Another added attraction to the night of stars will be the Amateur Lady Riders from the International Fegentri Organization based in Cologne, Germany.

Twelve lady riders will take part in two special events on the night to be run on the turf surface.

The Star-River Windsor Arch Fegentri Lady Riders Charity Race (Heat 1), to be run over 1200 metres for horses in the 50-80 rating band is the first event, with the second heat to be run over 1500 metres for horses rated in the 20-50 range.

The jockey’s mounts will be selected by a draw, with the most successful rider of the night to be determined on a point score basis. Betting on both events will be as per normal.

The Fegentri Lady Jockeys are not new to Asia as the organization has competed in Malaysia over a number of years, at Selangor, Perak and Penang and proved to be a popular betting medium.

Last year eight Fegentri lady riders competed at the Wuhan International Racing Festival on mainland China.

For Macau it’s a first for the group and Susanna Santesson, the General Secretary of Fegentri is delighted at the opportunity. “We are thrilled to be able to compete in Macau on such a big occasion,” Santesson said. SFor me as a German I have followed Macau races very much, especially when our German jockeys were successfully riding in Macau. Your racing scene is very professional and we are delighted to be part of it.”

Fegentri stands for the International Federation of Gentlemen and Lady Riders, and the organization has a long and colorful history dating back to the mid fifties. Founded in 1955 by a handful of enthusiastic amateur riders with original members from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland, their aim was to promote international races world – wide for amateur riders. Today the organization has grown to boast a membership list from 25 countries.

Fegentri conducts annual World Championships for lady and gentleman riders, taking in 60 different races from various countries around the world.

The championship for gentlemen riders is staged over both flat racing and the jumps, whilst the ladies championship is restricted to flat racing only.

The Fegentri riders come from a variety of backgrounds, and members of the organization include bankers, policemen, students, and even a vicar, all united by their passion for horse racing.

Part of the talented line up to coming to Macau is last years Fegentri World Champion Tina Henriksson from Sweden.

Henriksson, who has only been licensed since 2007, has won 38 races and placed 27 times from only 114 rides, impressive to say the least.

Tomorrow we will start to profile our 12 horsewoman from the Fegentri Association.

Besides Henriksson riders include: Catherine Burri from Switzerland, Barbara Guenet from France, Rachel King from Great Britain, Berit Weber from Germany, Sarah Leutwiller from Switzerland, Silke Bruggemann from German, Kate Harrington from Ireland, Elisabetta Marcialis from Italy, Jadey Pioetrasiewicz from the Netherlands, Victoria Allers from Norway, and Sandee Beattie from the USA.

For ten consecutive years, the MJC has held the Charity Day racemeeting to raise charity funds. Every year over millions of dollars were collected for charity purpose.

Another contribution of the Club to the society is the MJC Charity Scholarships. The Club set aside several hundred thousand dollars from the donation collected on the Charity Day to help outstanding students in need of financial aid to continue their studies. This confirms the commitment of the Club in contributing to the society of Macau.

“Macau Loving Heart Charity Fund” was established in 2003. The fund raised for the “Macau Loving Heart Charity Fund” will be divided into two parts. One part will be invested in a special programme of a larger scale in China or Macau, which is in line with the purpose of the Charity Fund. The other part will serve as support for a charity programme of a smaller scale in Macau. Being more flexible, the Charity Fund is best-suited in supplementing Macau’s charitable activities.





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