Philippe Barbe Clarifies Job

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Philippe Barbe on the job

January 28, 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE ~

Philippe Barbe, the race horse trainer for Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, has clarified there is no new operational organization at the Wathba Stables.

 “They gave me horses to train and I simply try to do my job of a trainer, nothing more nothing less,” he said.

“Among those horses, three came from France in very good health and physical condition. They have been well trained in France and they have been very well prepared by the highly competent racing manager in France.”

Barbe said of Majed Al Jahouri, who is also a trainer for Sheikh Mansour, that he was a good trainer and competent with his work.

“Majed knows his job and he doesn’t need my advise or lessons from me,” he added.



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