Racing is family fun at the Alameda County Fair

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June 25, Pleasanton, CA. ~   Racing is a popular sport in California, and combined with a fun day at the Fair, racing brings in a family crowd.  For June 25, the  Alameda County Fair Pleasanton track attendance was 5,391 and the crowd had plenty to see with duals of speed by  Quarter Horses, Arabians, Mules and Thoroughbred breeds.  The Handle, or wagering, helps support the sport and business was brisk at the windows.

Larry Swartzlander, Director of Racing Operations for the California Authority of Racing Fairs was pleased with the attendance and the added support of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival, which is supporting Arabian racing.

   “The Arabian Racing Association of California (ARAC) ran the first of a series of five Allowance races on the California Fair Circuit as the second race at the Alameda County Fair on Saturday, June 25, 2011,” he stated. ” The series is sponsored by Wathba Stud Farms and it’s focus is to promote Arabian Racing nationwide and revitalize the image of what Arabian Racing is and where it came from.  Representatives from Wathba Stud Farms working with ARAC packaged an exceptional promotion campaign and set up on-site displays and advertising promoting the race at Pleasanton.  Staff from Alameda County Fair joined in promoting the race and the results were exceptional.  Attendance was up 10% and handle 14%.  The promotions surrounding the race drove home the point that Arabian Racing is alive and well and what is happening in California will further promote Arabian Racing in California as well as worldwide.”

Races are run Thursday through Sunday and July 4th until July 10 at the Alameda Country Fair Pleasanton race track.


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