Remise de Prise or Prize Giving European Championship

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 Sunday September 11 Florac ~While hundreds of spectators, tourists, townsfolk and support watched, the Championship Committee staged a unique remise de prise, prize giving, where each rider who had finished came forward on their horse to receive their prize. In spite of the 160km ride the day before and little sleep, all horses and riders looked sleek and ready to go again.  UAE rider, Al Al Jahouri received his Gold medal and cup for the Open Championship, Spain’s Maria Alvarez Ponton was awarded her second cup and Gold medal as European Champion, 2011, Qatar’s Jasim Mohammed Al Maadhadi received his Bronze medal. The Teams received their honors and also returned on horseback en masse.

European Team Championship: GOLD – France 17.4714 – Antall de Jalima (Virginie Atger), Lubiana de Coat Frity (Julien Goachet), Nerval de Beders (Sunnsy Demedy), Djour de Bozouls (Benedicte Santisteva); SILVER – Spain 17.2872 – Nobby (Maria Alvarez Ponton), Zarha de Vilamormiu (Oriol Casals Fores), Fying Tornade (Laia Muixi Crusellas);  BRONZE – Belgium 15.9052 – Jahman (Celine Just), Sahid des Fontaines (Michel Lequarre), Lima de Varthas (Maritza Pereira).

European Individual Championship: GOLD – Nobby (Maria Alvarez Ponton) ESP 18.237 kmh; SILVER – Beau (Sabrina Arnold) GER 18.209 kmh; BRONZE – Kergof (Pierre Fleury) FRA 17.958 kmh.

There were speeches, thank you’s all round, and congratulations from officials and organizers.  The riders all received many prizes along with their medals.

Here is the photo gallery of the day’s prizes.

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