Results for World Championship of Young Horses in Compiegne

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 August 19, Compiegne, France~

Compiegne Young Horse Championship August 19~

Results are in for the 2011 World Festival of Endurance in Compiegne, France which gives the title of World Young Horse Champion in the category of 7 and 8 years of age.  Many horses are preparing for the September 10 European Championships in Florac, but that did still allow an excellent field of competition for the Compiegne Championships.  The results are below.

Fri 19th CE2* 120 km 7 years   23 finish/40starts

First in was Saeed Sultan Al Marri from the UAE riding Qatar La Majorie in a winning time of 21.201 k/h

2nd was French rider, Philippe Tomas on Quotien Persky in the ride time of 20.922  3.Faleh Nasser Al Bughaneim (QAT) riding Querohz De Benech in 20.78

4.  Arthur Desprez  (FRA) riding Glycine de Suleiman 20.789

5. Abdulrahma Al Sulatin (QAT) on Quizz Perski 20.58

6. Cecile Miletto Mosti (FRA)on Siam De Fontnoire in 20.29

7.Liselore Van Zetten (NED) riding Kain 20.28

8.Virginie Atger (FRA) on Milah De Jalima 20.28

9. Laruent Mosti (FR) riding Kilim De Fignols 20.25

10. Prune Bellamy (FRA) riding Qhashmyr D’Hazel 20.25

11.Marta Pujadas Sala  (ESP)on Kemel Bin Troika


Friday 19th CE 3* 160 km 8 years  11 finish /27 starts

  1. Isa Salman Al Radhi (BRN) on Perspeolia Larzac in 19.49
  2. Sandrine Lance (FRA) Movisco Du Lauragais 19.29
  3. Monica Comas Molist (ESP) and Princesse De Campagne 19.26
  4. Jean Philippe Frances (FRA) riding Padish A LA Majorie 19.0
  5. Geraldine Brault on Padisha Nogarede 18.85
  6. Enora Boulenger (FRA) on Pamela Du Barthas 17.96
  7. Andre Vidiz (BRA) on Poly De La Drome 16.87
  8. Sunny Demedy (FRA) on Guardio de Bozouls 16.86
  9. Benedicte Santisteda  (FRA)on Kjellade De Bozouls on 16.64
  10. Joel Marescassier (FRA) on Ditane De Leyre 16.36
  11. Ali Hassan Al Farsi o(OMAN) on Pandjar La Majorie 15.75
Photo Credit:  Geogio Biffi, Endurance In the World


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