Sakina De Faust Makes an Easy Win at Netherlands Qatar NEAR Dahess Cup

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 August 7, Netherlands~ Sakina de Faust (Al Sakbe x Kanita de Carrere), owned by Mr. Sami Jassim Al Boenain and trained in the Netherlands by Diana Dorenberg, won handily by over  five lengths on the 2000 meters turf  field in the second Dutch Qatar NEAR race.  The winning time was 2:18:2.

Trainer Dorenberg told jockey Anthony Deau that the filly could be a bit hot tempered and that he had to stay patiently in the back of the field; the experienced Deau listened well to the instructions. Favorite Alligator Kossack led the field al the way but was attacked in the last curve by Belfor and did not have  an answer to that. Sjacour, trained, owned and bred by the Calis family, is clearly improving during the season and finished second, but only a head in front of Shakia Dormala, another filly trained by Dorenberg and bred and owned by Mrs. De Ruiter-Floor.

“All but the winner in this race were horses owned by Dutch and Belgium ‘small’ owners, some of them bred the horses too and even train them themselves,” said Dutch Arabian Racing Committee Chairman, WJ De Ruiter. “It’s exactly the target group the QATAR NEAR series is aiming at.  It goes without saying that owners of Arabian Purebreds in Northern Europe are extremely happy with the support from Qatar. This QATAR NEAR series offers plenty of encouragement to invest in breeding or buying new horses and we expect that the number of Arabian Purebred race horses will increase steadily in the near future”.

The QATAR NEAR FUND FOUNDATION was established at the beginning of the 2011 season to promote and enhance the breeding of and racing with Arabian Purebreds in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. The objective is to support in particular the grass root owners and breeders, because they form the broad basis of the sport in Northern Europe.


1. Sakina De Faust (Al Sakbe x Kanita de Carrere), owner Al Boenain

2. Sjacour (Mencour x Sjakoera), owner, E. H. Calis-De Wit

3. Shaikia Dormala (Dormane x Saklia), owner, Mrs. J de Ruiter-Floor

4. Belfor (Djelfor x Belorussiya), owner Mrs. L.D. Vethaak

5. Plastin, na, owner, Nordland Stud

6. Alligator Kossack (Marwan x Azedine), owner mr. Huub Otermans

7. Azimut Qamell St (Grand Duc x Chata D.A .), owner, Standaert Chr. & Tiggelman I.

8. Nib Carthog Star (Carthago x Pasch Hianca), owner, Mrs. Anouk Nijssen


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