Team USA Takes Double Golds in First-Ever North American Young Rider Endurance Championship at the 2011 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships

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The Endurance riders of our future.

July 29 Lexington, KY~   120km CEI4* divisions saw  Team USA take home the Gold medal with a collective ride time of 25:25:31. Team USA members were: Lindsay Bean and Tektonic, Devan Horn and DJB Sameill, Kyle Gibbon and Missu Koran, and Kelsey Russell and My Wild Irish Gold.

Individually Gold went to Russell and My Wild Irish Gold, Bean and Tektonic collected Silver, and Gibbon and Missu Koran, the Bronze.  Tektonic was awarded the Best Condition for the event.

“I just took it slow and easy,” Florida-resident Russell said. “I tried to let the horse pace themselves because they’re good at knowing how fast they can go.”    At the finish, the riders let the horses go and they raced in, Russell taking the lead.


In the CEI2* class, the Team Gold medal was awarded to Team USA Northeast A, with a collective ride time of 25 :40 :57 . Team members included Bean and Tektonic, Gibbon and Missu Koran,Forest Green and LR Amana Tabi, and Steven Hay and Khalil Asam.

The Team Silver was awarded to Team USA Southeast with a combined ride time of 25:49:19 . Team USA Southeast members were Russell and My Wild Irish Gold, Mallory Capps and Precious Beaunita, Mary Kathryn Clark and DA Al Capone, and Cassandra Roberts and SA Belshazarr.

Individually in the CEI2*, the Gold medal was awarded to Sophia Bashir from Team USA Central and Dazed and Amazed, the Silver was presented to Roberts, and the Bronze to Hay.

Sir Valient, who represented Colombia in partnership with Camilo Andres-Villa, received the Best Conditioned Horse Award in the CEI2* division.

Twenty-nine riders from Canada, Columbia, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the USA competed in the ride over trails through the Lexington, Kentucky countryside, much of which was also used at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, Kentucky . NAYRER mentors included Valerie Kanavy, Cheryl Van Deusen, Jeremy Olson, Ellen Rapp, Darolyn Butler, Karen Binns-DiCamillo, and Kathy Brunjes.

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