The Kimbler Family Works As a Team to Nurture to Success

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Aberdeen, South Dakota ~  Kelsey Kimbler, 17, is the second oldest and the second to be awarded the American Horse Association Youth of the Year (YOTY) award in the Kimbler family. Sister, Kirsten, now 21, achieved the status in 2007.

Kelsey’s equestrian accomplishments are the product of hard work, a competitive nature, and the nurturing of a family.   In 2009 Kelsey won the 120km North American Young Riders Endurance Ride (NAYRER) and received the honor to be awarded the United States Equestrian Federation Youth Sportsman Award.  In 2010, the year of her YOTY award, she  finished the 100 mile Tevis for the second time and the NAYRER, and was named USEF overall Youth Sportsman and Junior Equestrian of the Year.

Parents Kelly and Carl play a huge supporting role in the success of their four children.  Read the inspiring family story in Youth Issue of Modern Arabian Horse Magazine.





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