Valerie Kanavy takes first at Fort Howes CEI3*with Reach for the Gold

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~  The June 12 at the Fort Howes ride in Ashland, Montana, was again the site of an exciting two days of FEI rides.

Valerie Kanavy  was successful in her reach for the  Gold in the 160k CEI 3* riding the aptly named Reach for the Gold in a ride time of 8:43.27.  Finishing 1 second later was Eone Willemse riding LM Parys with Meg Sleeper within miliseconds on Syrocco Reveille. Jan Worthington finished fourth on her Golden Lightning just over an hour later.  Darolyn Butler riding DJB Sameill finished with a ride time of 12:09:38, Lynne Lee riding Tezoro’s Gold finished with 14:47:32 along with Suzanne Hayes on Greenbriar Al Jabal.

In the CEI* 80k Ellen and Eryn Rapp had a very close one-two finish with times of 05:27:59 and 05:28:02 respectively. Heather Stevens and Dangerous Kra rounded out the top three with a time of 07:49:46. Ellen Rapp’s GuessWhozGotIt won the Best Conditioned award in the CEI1*.

On  June 11 Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Harmony won the CEI* 80 km with a ride time of 04:38:00. Syrocco Harmony was also awarded Best Conditioned. Heather Stevens and Aireagle came in second with a time of 05:44:00, while Suzanne Hayes and The Sam Man took third with at time of 05:49:01.

The June 11 CEI** 120k  was won by Ceci Butler-Stasiuk on DJB Cytron Kon in a time of 6:17:04.  She was followed in by second place, Ellen Rapp on SA Belshazzar in a time of 5:24:18.

Kelsey Russell riding Gold Raven won the CEIJY** 120K on June 11 with a ride time of 7:28:30. Kelsey Kimbler and HV Cimmarons Goliath won the June 12 CEIJY* with a time of 05:28:03. The pair also won the best conditioned award.

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