Were you there at the 2011 World Arabian Horse Racing Conference

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Wrap Up for the World Arabian Horse Racing Conference




Were you there?  See photos – http://photos.horsereporter.com/Racing/Were-you-there/Were-you-there-World-Racing/17692419_wXXZqH

The Arabian, the original race horse.

There were 150 invitees from 20 countries over the 3 day Conference representing an important cross section of the movers in the world of Arabian Racing.  No less than 14 Ambassadors, several authors, multiple breeders, buyers, trainers, jockeys, veterinarians, media and Arabian horse enthusiasts of all types joined in daily discussions on how to improve conditions, maintain traditions and elevate the sport of Arabian racing while maintaining the purity, type and essence of the Arabian horse.

 Women were celebrated and encouraged, and indeed, were well represented in every field.  Four translators were kept busy and head sets could be switched to hear translations from panel members.  The event was featured daily live on Abu Dhabi television and media numbered in the dozens.

Lara Sawaya, Festival Director, said that the Conference communications would aid in making recommendations for implementation in the future.  Already updated was the free IPAD application that is available that promotes Arabian Racing. The races supported by the HH Sh Mansoor group will be expanded worldwide in 2012, with two to be added in Australia.  The location of the 2012,  Third World Arabian Race Horse Conference was revealed to be Berlin, Germany.  Details to be announced.

The joy of owning an Arabian was perhaps best summed up by Australian Arabian race horse owner and representative for the National Arabian Racehorse Association, Maureen Milburn, when she said, “Arabians are lovely to have as they are right there to touch and you can feel the energy…not the same with a Thoroughbred race horse.  There, you just write the check.”




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