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Royal Heritage



Royal Heritage, the Story of Jordan’s Arab Horses, is much more than a well researched book highlighting the foundation horses of the Royal Jordanian Stud.  Written by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alia Al Hussein, the oldest daughter of the late King Hussein and Queen Dina of Jordan, with Arabian art historian and author, Peter Upton, Royal Heritage  is a work of history, legend, and romance.

The book weaves the stories of the earliest days of the Bedouin desert bred horses, cherished companions as well as war mounts, through the history of the Hashemite family of Jordan. With the Arabian horse as the centerpiece, the account tells of the Arab Revolt of 1916, including  tales of Lawrence of Arabia, the modernization and challenges of a country surrounded by unstable borders, the first Arabian horse show in the region, and the perseverance of Jordan to peace.

Involved from an early age with the Royal  Arabian horses, Princess Alia was given the management and direction of the Jordanian Royal Stables at an early age, becoming responsible for maintaining the original breed while strengthening it with outside Arabian blood.

HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein gives a sweet and heartwarming forward to the book, showing her strong alliance with her sister and the bond they share with family and horses. Historical family and horse photos throughout the book lend a charming appeal.

 A great historical read ~

List Price: $77.00

Royal Heritage can be ordered from Medina Publishing: www.medinapublishing.com

In the United States from the Pyramid Society: http://www.pyramidsociety.org/

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