2013 Update to Arabian Pattern Race & Handicapper Rules

May 8, 2013, France ~ The Arabian Pattern Race & Handicapper Committee Rules, originally drawn up in 2010 by Jean-Pierre de Gasté have been updated for 2013.

In order to improve the Arabian Pattern Races regulations and the work of IFAHR Pattern Race & Handicapper Committee, the Supervisory Committee (Jean-Pierre de Gasté, Pamela Cordrey, Ryan Skelton, Neil Abrahams, Harald Siemen, Graham Walcroft and Benoit Legault), during its last meeting in Doha on February 25th, 2013, reviewed and added to these rules.

2013 Arabian Pattern Race & Handicapper Committee Rules PDF: 

For more information: http://www.prc-ifahr.com/3db52017-b547-44de-8818-4751ceb9920e.vdom

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