2022 Darley Awards Joins Promotions with the Arabian Finish Line and Horsereporter






The Darley Awards has joined with the Arabian Finish Line and Horsereporter for an exciting 2022 collaboration. The pageantry and memories of the Darley award ceremony are being combined with the longstanding stallion advertising and year-in-review statistics into one keepsake publication.

The 2022 magazine will still feature some of the top Arabian breeding stallions, farms and key players in the industry.  Also in this issue, in partnership with the Darley Awards. we will bring you the entire Darley Awards process, from Nominees to the Texas Awards events for the 2021 Award year.

For over 25 years the Stallion Guide has assisted the Arabian racing world with their breeding future. This International edition will feature upcoming trends in racing, US racing year end statistics and National and International Gr 1 racing results and will be available in hard copy by subscription and online.

Don’t miss your chance to be included in this International magazine, show off your stallions, farms and awards to the world.

You are cordially invited to join in the 35th annual Darley Awards Celebration!
Darley Awards date: Saturday, 19 March 2022

Get Around With Us

The Arabian Finish Line/Horsereporter connection is a full circle global advertising partner with periodicals, brochures, Eblasts, and a healthy Social Media distribution.

In addition to the subscription members and sponsors, the Eblasts and online magazine and Social Media program, the 2021 Stallion Guide was distributed at the AHA Region 12 Championships, at the Texas, Lone Star Racing Awards evening in November, and the December Jewel Crown Arabian racing weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Our online magazines receive over 243,000 impressions over the wide world of the internet and have 42,000 views (reads) from over 60 countries. The top 10 countries listed are: United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Italy, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Qatar, France, Oman and Canada. We continue to have a respected reputation throughout the world.

The associate Horsereporter website and social media expands this view with over 11,439 unique visitors and 70,826 page views a month on six continents. Eblasts create a unique opportunity for individual attention.

If you have attended the Darley Awards in person and miss the excitement and glamour, or if you have never gone but wish you had, you will love the 2022 Stallion Guide.

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Reservations: 1 February 2022, Ad materials: 15 February 2022, Publication: 31 February 2022

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