400km Shahzada Memorial Endurance Test Heads to the Mountains in Australia

St Albans28 August 2015, Australia ~ The Shahzada Memorial Endurance Test is based annually in St Albans, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and is a 400km ride over five days. The 2015 35th Annual ride runs from 24-28 August.

The Shahzada Memorial Endurance Test, an endurance race over 400-kilometres (250 mi) at 80-kilometres per day, is a cross-country route over the mountains of Yengo National Park from the picturesque village of St. Albans in the McDonald Valley, Northwest of Sydney. Yengo National Park covers an area of about 150,000 hectares and borders McPherson State Forest.

The ride is named after the purebred Arabian stallion Shahzada (GB) 1913 (Mootrub x Ruth Kesia), a star in endurance in rides held in 1920, 1921 and 1922 over 250, 300 and 500 miles. Each ride was held over a five-day period. Shahzada was imported to Australia from England in 1925.

To Finish is to WIN”

The Shahzada 2015 has 71 nominees and the marathon endurance ride places emphasis on completing the entire 400 km course with both horse and rider arriving fit and well. Each day from 4-5 am, riders head out on course for a different loop from base camp.

The management speaks: We do record the entrant who finishes with the fastest riding time, but emphasise that it is NOT A RACE. The first rider to successfully finish is not considered as a winner any more than the last rider to successfully finish. We want all entrants to successfully complete the Test of horse management, within the laid out time and course constraints, Fit and Well.
We expect that riders will help each other if there is a problem and ensure that adequate space is maintained between entrants when on the narrow or steep sections of the course to prevent problems from occurring. Chaperones will be available on the Steps to assist riders who are concerned with this part of the course.

There has historically been an overall completion rate of 58% for the ride.
There is also a Mini-Marathon of 120 km over three days.
More information at: http://www.shahzada400.com/