A Brave Tevis Finish

 16, 2012, Auburn, California ~On August 4, Kadee Felton, 16, became the first junior out of five starters to finish the grueling Tevis cup ride on Shawford (Virgule Al Maury x BC Shawn Tiki by Samtyr). Riding with her mother, Beth, the two finished together in 19 hours, 57 minutes riding. Beth was riding Varoom (Virgule Al Maury x Advisee by ZT Ali Baba+/).

Kadee and Shawford
Photo by Lynne Glazer

Beth shared their ride story in a proud letter to Betty Jo Richards of Lone Chimney Ranch, the home of Virgule Al Maury.

“Thought I would bring you up to date. As you probably already know, Kadee and I finished Tevis together. Out of 207 riders, 98 completed and Kadee and I came in 28th and 29th. We would have done even better if I had felt better. I woke up that morning with a sick stomach, bug of some sort since it lasted for 3 days! Anyway I rode all day sick and finally at Francisco’s (15 miles from the finish) I just sat down in the dirt and handed my horse off to the volunteers and asked them to please vet my horse. As I sat about 50 feet away drinking Pepto Bismol, I watched the volunteer trot Varoom out for the vets (about midnight at this point), and all I could think was how absolutely beautiful he looked as if he hadn’t done anything yet, meaning the 85 miles or so he had already done. How could I let him down not to mention my daughter who was suffering with her own acid reflux problems, looking to me for what we were going to do next. She asked, ‘Should we quit?’

I told her absolutely not – that after all the training and hard work and how wonderful our horses were doing that we must finish! So Shawford and Varoom got an extra 1/2 hour break to eat while Kadee and I gathered ourselves up and proceeded on.  Thank God for his amazing grace and strength that he blessed us with that day! The horses finished in fantastic shape – they had low pulses all day long, they ate and drank and really took care of themselves (and us)! They could not have given us a better performance!

As a side note, Kadee and Shawford are on the front cover of the AERC magazine this month. There were 7 junior riders that started, 5 completed, and Kadee and Shawford were the first juniors! Beth and Kadee Felton

Congratulations to two tough riders on two tough horses!


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