Action Hero, Devan Horn and the Mongol Derby

Horn rides the "Toughest Horse Race on Earth"

July 30, 2013,  Texas ~  It has been said that there are no new ideas. Genghis Khan is credited with the first messenger system or Yam, using  tough Mongolian horses. In the days before the internet, this was done by exchanging new ponies at relay stations (known as Ger) every 25 miles (40 km). Six centuries later, starting in the early 1800’s, the USA used this idea and called it the Pony Express.

On August 4, Devan Horn, a 20-year-old senior Criminal Justice major at Sam Houston State, will compete in what is known as the toughest horse race on earth, the 650 mile (1,000km), race across Mongolia, wherein each racer gets a new pony every 25 miles, and using a map and a GPS, endeavors to reach the finish line first. There is no set race route, no spectators, and no help allowed outside of other Derby contestants.

In Devan’s own words: “If I finish, I will be the youngest person to ever complete this crazy race. If I win (and make no mistake, I do mean to try), I will be the first female to do so. This race is a test of wits, wiles, and horsemanship to the extreme. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the Longest and Toughest horse race in the world. And I mean to start it on August 4th.”


Devan’s personal rider page, information about the mounts, race conditions, and rider contact information.

Devan’s Personal Page:

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The Official ride charity is Cool Earth, a charity that works to protect the wilds of the world. “Being allowed to race across areas of the world where very few people have stepped foot, as well as visiting numerous World Heritage rain forests and reefs in Australia has made me very determined to do my part via preservation.” 

 Horsereporter will send news on Devan’s progress, but if you want to check on the riders follow this live streaming page (riders are equipped with an emergency tracking system):

Good luck Devan!