Action Hero, Devan Horn talks about her Mongol Derby ride

August 16, 2013, California ~ In order to be a writer,  you must have a story to tell. Devan Horn at age 20 is racking up the stories for an epic adventure novel. The latest is her race across Mongolia on semi-wild Steppe horses. Although Horn arrived in first place, because of a time penalty, her final finish order was  second. This is her first public comment after her return.

“I want to thank everyone who followed me, cheered for me, and cried with me during this adventure. I’ve read through all of the comments and messages post-derby, and imagined your support all throughout the race. Every one of you have my heartfelt thanks – you got me through some pretty rough times.

Soon, I will try to put my adventure into words…but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really express what I went through, riding 700 miles alone but for wild things. Some of the Mongolians who helped throughout the ride gave me a nickname-Tenja, which means “Lady Khan”. The praise and simple recognition I received from the horsemen and people of Mongolia I wear on my chest prouder than a gold medal. I didn’t win the Mongol Derby. I tried, but it didn’t happen as I had wanted. But I fought with honor, rode with all my heart, and earned the respect of men whose fathers sat upon the backs of the first horses. I realized at the finish line when I was brushing tears out of THEIR eyes that I would have to be very foolish indeed to think that I had not won something amazing. Congratulations to the finishers of the Mongol Derby 2013, I am more than content to count myself among you.”

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