Action Hero, Meg Wade, continues to improve in Australia

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Sh. Mohammed with his gold medals with Chris and I at the 2012 Endurance World Championships.


This is a portion of Meg Wade’s Christmas letter. It is so full of   love of life and positive spirits that I asked if we could reprint some of it. With Meg’s permission, here are excerpts of  the good news.

When I started to think about writing my New Year letter for 2013 my original feeling was that I hadn’t done a lot in 2012. I checked through my calendar and how wrong could I be!

The biggest thing that we have done this year is bought another property, MAYBANK at Holbrook – 1440 acres, of very gently undulating country with a fantastic house that was built about 15 years ago. We officially take over on the 21st January 2013, we will not be moving over for a while as we’re going to do a few things in the house while it’s empty. I will easily be able to fit my baby grand piano and antique Chinese screen that Dad bought many years ago in his travels to Asia. We have not been able to fit these two things at DINGLEY. Mitchells have very kindly looked after them in their house since we sold GLENN AMIGUS in 2000.

August –

Chris and I went to the Endurance World Championships at Euston Park in the UK in August. The race was on the 25thAugust. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum won riding Madji Du Pont very closely followed by our own Kurrajong Concorde – now called Yamamah – ridden by Sheikh Rashed bin Dalmook Al Maktoum.

It was wonderful to be there. Sheikh Mohammed came up and briefly spoke to me twice, once at the Opening Ceremony and once at the Closing Ceremony. This is the first time I have seen him since my accident in April 2009. I cannot thank him enough for his ongoing support.

I have flown to Sydney and Melbourne by myself and had very few problems. When I am doing things like this by myself it is amazing how many people offer to help. Sometimes I say “thank you, I’ll be fine”, other times “thank you, just watch me in case I need a hand” and other times “yes please”

I trotted for the first time post TBI at the end of March on Actress with Wendy encouraging her and running with her. I now incorporate small trots in to my rides. I cannot rise to the trot yet. I feel this is a combination of my balance and left leg control.

The Quilty this year was in Tasmania in June. Castlebar Gulfstream ridden by Kristie was 6th middleweight and 9th overall, Castlebar Tempest ridden by Wendy was 2nd lightweight and 6th overall. Castlebar Gulfstream went on to win the coveted Pat Slater Cup which we have now won four times.

Chris, Actress and I were on the front page of the Border Mail – the local paper – on the 14th July.  A great photo taken by Mathew Smithwick. There was a 4 page article about my accident and ongoing recovery in the weekend “pulse” written by Will Mumford and lots more of Mathews photos. On re reading this article I realise what a great job they did.

I hope that things like this will be an inspiration to people to keep striving, never give up. Have a glass half full approach to life.

Equitana was in Melbourne in November. They asked me if I’d be interested in doing some presentations on Endurance. I presented on two different days, on the Friday it was “Planning for Competition” and on Sunday “Horse selection. Physical and Mental preparation” This is the first time I have ever spoken about Endurance. I have now done quite a few talks about my accident, so it was refreshing to not speak about that. Wendy came with me with Castlebar Tempest to demonstrate different things as I spoke.

My walking and balance is still the most compromising thing for me. I know I took this for granted before and everyone does. At times I get very upset about this. Jobs that should take a couple of minutes can easily take me 15 minutes or more. There are still many things I can’t do but at the same time many things I can.

I have had many good things happen this year and I am continuing to still do things for the first time post accident. You have to appreciate the small things to keep focus.

Editors Note: Meg, although we are overjoyed at your continued improvement, we are not surprised, as you are mending with the same go for it enduring spirit that made you a top competitor. We look forward to more news.


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