Akaash Maharaj Stands Down as CEO of Equine Canada

January 10, 2012—It is with sincere regret that Equine Canada reports that Akaash Maharaj has announced his decision to stand down from his post as our Chief Executive Officer.  Akaash accepted the position of CEO in 2008, stating that he would remain in the role for one quadrennial cycle.

“The years have rushed by faster than I could ever have imagined,” said Akaash.  “It has been a time of many joys and friendships, and leaving is more difficult than I had expected.  In a life blessed beyond my deserts, one of my greatest privileges has been the opportunity to serve my country and my sport by helping to build Equine Canada into a national institution worthy of its name.  But I feel as strongly today as I did when I began, that for any institution to progress, it must periodically rejuvenate itself with new leadership, new perspectives, and new blood.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Akaash for almost four years,” said Mike Gallagher, president of Equine Canada.  “I think his most positive asset has been his tremendous public speaking skills that have helped Equine Canada present their position at several forums.”

“I intend to take pause to catch my breath after the whirlwind pace of governance of the national equestrian system,” said Akaash,  “and I am looking forward to having some time of my own again, to ride my horse and to reflect before beginning the next chapter of my life.  The moment has come for me to ride off into the sunset, and I hope that Canadians will judge that I leave Canadian equestrianism stronger than when I arrived.”


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