Arabian Racing Cup Stewards meet at Delaware Park

May 31, Maryland ~ Press Release ~Thirty years ago, Dr. Sam Harrison brought his vision for Arabian racing to life when he founded the Arabian Racing Cup, a breeders’ incentive program to acknowledge the best Arabian horses, owners and breeders. Fast forward to 2013 and the Arabian Racing Cup still recognizes the best in Arabian racing by overseeing the prestigious Darley awards.

The Stewards have a greater vision for the future of the Cup so they held a 2-day strategic planning retreat on May 18 and 19, which was opening weekend at Delaware Park. Holding it during the races allowed the Stewards to listen and mingle with fellow Arabian racing enthusiasts, owners, trainers and track management. After two days of productive meetings, the Stewards have developed plans to meet the needs of today’s racing community. While there was not time to work out all the details, the Stewards have started working on items such as expanding the voting academy for the Darley awards, reinstituting stakes races, and creating a new incentive/rewards program.

The mission of the Cup states: “The Arabian Racing Cup is an organization dedicated to the international promotion of breeding and racing purebred Arabian horses.”

Additional information will be circulated as more details are finalized. This is an exciting time for the Arabian Racing Cup and Arabian racing. Always remember, the Arabian Racing Cup is “the best you bet”.

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