Arizona Residents Can Now Make Betting Wagers Online

BettingWritten by By Vic Verbalaitis for The Daily Wildcat – published on 31 August 2021 ~ The state of Arizona has recently passed legislation to establish new event wagering and fantasy sports contest rules which legalize and regulate sports gambling in the state. The targeted “go-live” date for event wagering was 9 September and the updated go-live date for fantasy sports contests was 28 August.

The Daily Wildcat spoke with University of Arizona alumnus Ted Vogt, director of the Arizona Department of Gaming, to understand what these developments mean for Arizona sports fans.

“The legislation that was passed this last session was part of a larger agreement between the state and the tribes. So I think it needs to kind of be seen in the totality of what’s happening,” Vogt said. “So, on tribal lands, Arizonans are going to be able to go there and experience pretty much all Vegas-style games, such as roulette and baccarat games that were previously not allowed in the state of Arizona. Additionally, things such as wager limits have been increased.”

With this emerging economic ecosystem, Vogt said he is confident that it can bring about a substantial financial impact for Arizona. Vogt added that mobile accommodations for event wagering and fantasy sports contests will be available for people around the state of Arizona.

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