Arabian Sales Date at Saint-Cloud has not been changed at this time from 1 October

3 June 2020, France ~ In view of the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the traveling restrictions put in place in several countries as they gradually ease their lockdown protocols, ARQANA, Tattersalls Ireland and Osarus have reached an agreement on revised sales dates for their respective 2020 August and September yearling sales.

ARQANA’s first yearling sale of the season will take place from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 September, showcasing the cream of the French crop over three days. The new date will allow buyers from America, Japan, Australasia, the Gulf region etc. to attend all three “premium” yearling sales in Europe as part of a single trip.

The Tattersalls Ireland September Yearling Sale will begin a day earlier than originally scheduled on Monday 21 September and run through Wednesday 23.In a spirit of cooperation and support to breeders, the ARQANA October Yearling Sale will accommodate around 150 yearlings which would normally have been auctioned at Osarus’s sale in La Teste. As a result, the sale will start a day earlier than planned on 19 October and span five days. The format will be determined at a later stage depending on the population of horses on offer.

Plans for the ARQANA V.2 Yearling Sale are still being considered and a decision will be announced in the coming weeks. As for the Autumn Sale, it will comprise around 50 individuals from Osarus in its flat-bred yearling section.


Tattersalls Ireland September Yearling Sale: Monday 21 – Wednesday 23 September
ARQANA September Yearling Sale: Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 September
ARQANA/Osarus October Yearling Sale: Monday 19 – Friday 23 October

A contact for Arqana said that as yet there has not been any change in the Arabian Arqana Sales Date that is still scheduled for 1 October at Saint-Cloud.

Commenting on the new arrangements, Tattersalls Ireland CEO Matt Mitchell said; ‘‘These are unprecedented and difficult times, but all of us at Tattersalls Ireland, ARQANA and Osarus are delighted to have been able to agree terms for a revised sales schedule, which we strongly believe will work well for all concerned. There has been a real spirit of cooperation between our respective firms and discussions have at all times been conducted with the best interests of Irish and French breeders and the wider bloodstock industry as the primary concern.”

ARQANA President Eric Hoyeau said; “We are delighted to have reached a mutually beneficial agreement with Tattersalls Ireland, which has allowed ARQANA to reposition the August Yearling Sale without disruption to the smooth running of the European yearling sales calendar. We were also conscious that Osarus faced similar challenges with their September Yearling Sale and we are pleased to have been able to accommodate their requirements in the best interests of French breeders at all levels of the market.”

Osarus Managing Director Emmanuel Viaud added; “The amalgamation of the Osarus September Yearling Sale with the ARQANA October Yearling Sale is a wonderful example of the industry working together for the greater good. The Osarus team is looking forward to working with ARQANA to achieve a vibrant and successful joint fixture in October.”

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