ASIL: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse

The work of fine art photographer Tariq Dajani is now available in a new book –

June, 2013 ~ Medina Publishing is proud to have published the first fine art book of the photographer Tariq Dajani.     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse, Tariq Dajani presents a series of beautifully observed and mastered photographs. These portraits contain an elusive quality that draws the eye in, as he attempts to penetrate further into the nature and personalities of his subjects. His work is contemporary by virtue of the medium, yet he is a purist at heart, displaying intellectual depth and classical realism.

Tariq Dajani remarked, “I have been delighted by the response that I received to the work, which has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Even from people who would never have thought that they could be, in their own words, moved by photographs of horses. That is a tremendous compliment! I felt that a satisfactory way to complete the project, which started out as a series of exhibitions, would be to present the series in a quality photographic book that would, hopefully, reach a wider audience.”

In the Foreword, HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein states, “The content speaks for itself in terms of captivating and expressive imagery. What I can add, being personally acquainted with some of the subjects, is that his photographs also capture the personalities of the horses.” Princess Alia concludes, “the publication of this book will, I am sure, deservedly bring Tariq’s work to the wider public.”

The book includes an essay on Tariq’s work by the poet and photographic historian, John Wood, who says, “The Arabic word Asil not only describes the purebred Arabian horse but also Dajani’s work. It is a word that signifies purity, nobility, and authenticity, three major constituents of his art.”

Produced to the highest possible standards, this beautiful book is bound with a silk cover, gold blocked on front and spine, with a debossed photograph on the front cover. It has been printed using Stochastic FM (Frequency Modulation) screening. It will undoubtedly find a place in the hearts of all lovers of the horse, photography and fine art.

Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse, retails for £75 and is available from specialist booksellers, art galleries or, (available to retailers from or Specifications: ISBN: 9780957023383, 360 x 250 mm Landscape, 112pp Hardback. In the USA, Please ask about delivery options.  MPL LOGO 2011

About Tariq Dajani

Born in the UK, Tariq Dajani spent his formative years moving between the Middle East and Europe, gaining an understanding and an appreciation of different cultures and traditions. He grew up with a strong interest in art, which eventually led to a career in photography. During periods of working in London, Stockholm and Dubai, Dajani established himself as both a commercial and an art photographer. He developed a distinctive style in his work which resonates with truth and emotion. Dajani’s work is widely exhibited and collected. Constantly pursuing new projects, he now resides with his wife, horses and dogs on a remote farm, high in the mountains of southern Spain.

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