Bahrain Receives Glanders All Clear

October 15, 2012, Bahrain ~ According to the  Gulf Daily News –the European Union has  given the kingdom the stamp of approval to lift its ban on the movement and export of horses nearly two-and-a-half years after the restrictions were put in place. No new cases have been reported since two horses were put down after testing positive for glanders in September last year.

“Export of registered horses from the northern part of Bahrain is not prohibited,” said European Commission DG Health and Consumers representative Wolf Maier. “Collaboration with the veterinary services was certainly good enough to reach this result. Glanders is obviously sufficiently under control as to guarantee registered horses are free of the disease.”

An official European Commission report obtained by the GDN said Bahrain had provided officials with the appropriate guarantees that no glanders cases had been recorded in at least the last six months. “In addition, Bahrain presented information showing that substantial improvements have been made to ensure official veterinary supervision of the equine health situation throughout the country,” according to the report.

In conclusion the review informed that due to the information and guarantees submitted by Bahrain, it is appropriate to authorise the re-entry into the country of registered horses for racing, competition and cultural activities.


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