Behind the scenes in St. Moritz and white turf full results

February 18, 2013 – Sent by Franziska and Urs

You had two horses entered. What did you think of this first Arabian horse white turf?

“The race was really good. The temperature was quite high which means that the track was rather slow and a little deep.  A good horse did win it and from 1st to 4th horses there were not even  3 lengths.”

Were the horses specially shod for racing on the ice? “Yes, they are shod with a sort of spikes. The shoes have to conform to the rules and there are 4 farriers working in St. Moritz just putting and taking away the snow shoes. The ice on the lake is about 60cm (2 ft) and it is worked with the same machine as a ski track.”

 We enclose the official result and are glad that the sponsor was happy and will come back to St. Moritz in 2014.



Flat race, W, 1800 m

St. Moritz, 17.02.2013, Start: 14:45h, Track Snow

Value Fr. 30000 (12600, 6300, 4500, 3000, 1500, 900)

1 Fanal el Samawi (AV) GER 5H Gottschalk Waltraud/GER  59.0 Weissmeier Fabian Xaver 1.70

2 Logudorese       (AV) ITY   9H Sechi Giovanni Maria/I        58.0 Porcu Daniele                     5.90

3 Badjy                  (AV) FR    7H Stall Eclipse/GER                58.0 Piechulek Rene                  9.30

4 Nil Ashal             (AV) SWI  5H  Aeschbacher Urs                58.0 Plaçais Olivier                    4.30

5 Djetkan               (AV) FR    8W Landgoed Waterland/NL     58.0 Fourcy Thomas                11.50

6 Ghilali                 (AV) FR    5S Authier Guy/GER                  56.5 Seidl Martin                        7.60

7 Nil Karazi            (AV) SWI   6H Aeschbacher Urs                 58.0 Bürgin Tim                          7.60

Winner : 5j.F.H.v.Ainhoa St Faust-Octavia el Samawi – Breeder: Germany — Trainer : Weissmeier Regine

Win – Distances : 2:15.4 –  1.75, 1, Neck, 6, Dist

Toto for Fr.1.– : Win: 1.70 / Platz: 1.50, 1.80, 0.00 / Einl.: 6.80 / Drei: 98.00

Australian Blinkers : Djetkan (AV)

Blinkers : Ghilali (AV), Nil Karazi (AV)

Doping test : Fanal el Samawi (AV)

Change of weight : Fanal el Samawi (AV) (1 kg) Rider (Fr.30.00 F.X.Weissmeier)


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