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Dubai Beach

Dubai Beach

Berkshire Hathaway, A Global Real Estate Network

How to purchase in the United States, Dubai, the Bahamas, Spain, Germany, London, Canada, Cancun, Italy, Portugal, Greece, India…and more.

Maybe you’re dreaming of owning an apartment in Dubai or New York….or you want to sell the ancestral land you’ve inherited in Spain. Would you like a winter vacation home in Mexico or the Caribbean? How to do this?

If you want to buy or sell foreign property but are unsure of the complexities of a cross-cultural transaction, you’ll want to engage an international property specialist. My clients benefit from dedicated support throughout the real estate sales process, and have available the latest real estate, rental and management news and expertise to meet the full spectrum of their property needs. I can help you find your home/investment or vacation property and assist your lease or purchase with an onsite property specialist.

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