Best International Journalist Award, Stephanie Corum Speaks With Horsereporter

Stephanie Corum receives Best International Journalist Award

Stephanie Corum receives Best International Journalist Award

8 April 2017, USA ~ Stephanie, congratulations on winning the 2016 HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Darley Best International Lady Journalist Award. Can you tell us what path you took to become a magazine editor?

HR: Is this your career goal, to be a journalist? Were you a journalism major or how did you get into the writing profession?

SC: Honestly this was never my plan. While writing came naturally to me as a child, I never thought about becoming a professional writer. I received my bachelor and master degrees in animal science with an emphasis on equine genetics. Many years ago, I was reading an article in one of my horse magazines and thought to myself “I could do this”. So I bought a book about how to write for magazines, and it went from there.

HR: The changes you have made have been subtle but notable. Can you elaborate on some of these advances?

SC: One of my first goals was to modernize the look by adding more color and have a more eye-catching cover design and logo. We have upgraded the paper and production through a new printer. We’ve tried to expand the types of articles and information we cover to include different subjects.

HR: What is the most difficult change that putting together this magazine has made in your life?

SC: It always takes more time than I think it will take to put together. It becomes all consuming when I’m trying to hit the deadline.

HR: What is the most pleasant part of putting together the magazine?

SC: I love when someone appreciates seeing their horse or themselves in the magazine. They get so excited and it makes me happy to know I made someone’s day.

HR: We know you have also written books. Can you tell us about the inspiration for your children’s book(s)?

SC: My inspiration for my books came from experiences when I owned my own farm. I had two goats, imagined the title “Goats with Coats” one winter day and then came up with a story around the title. “Antics in the Attic” came from me hearing mice scurry back and forth in my attic. I wondered what a child might think those noises were and wrote the story from that. My third story, which will be published this year, is based on a foal that I rescued a few years ago.

HR: What is your favorite past time when not at your desk?

SC: Riding my horse of course! I am a dressage rider and own an Arabian/Dutch Warmblood-cross bred by Michelle Morgan at Mandolynn Hill Farm. We plan on showing third level this year.

HR: What is the last book you read and when?

SC: I listen to more books than I read these days, but that counts right? I just finished listening to Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

HR: Can you tell us something we may not know about you?

SC: I was a concert violinist and toured Europe with a youth orchestra when I was 15.

HR: Is there a new country or place in the US that you wish to visit in the next few years?

SC: New Zealand has been on my bucket list for years. Of course, now I’d like to go there but also visit my Australian Arabian racing friends. I would also like to spend some time along the Mediterranean coast.

~ Thank you Stephanie. We look forward to hearing about your new projects.