Breeding Challenges and the Future of Global Arabian Racing Discussed at the 2023 WAHRF

29 November 2023, Abu Dhabi, UAE – The World Arabian Horse Racing Forum 2023 took on Breeding Challenges with a panel of educated breeders and veterinarians in Abu Dhabi today, 29 November.

Moderator Derrick Thompson led the panel of Arabian racehorse experts and breeders. They included top UAE breeder, Khalid Nabooda, Dr. Sandra Wilshire of the Sharjah Equine Hospital, winning French breeder, Renee-Laure Koch, Stud manager and pedigree specialist, Emmanuel Cessac, French trainer Paul Besquin, and consultant, advisor, and horse broker, Jean Pierre Deroubaix. Among other subjects, they discussed the ideal breeding circumstances for best chance at successful racing progeny and the plus and minus of Embryo Transfer. They agreed that to the pedigree mix, quality of food, people around the horses, and a lot of luck were all involved in the development of a good race prospect.


Breeding Session

Another session discussed the Future of Global Racing and included speakers Peter Pond, President of WAHO, Hassan Mousill, breeder of Al Mourtajez, H.E. Ali Al Sheba, Director General ADEC, Samuel Shinsky, ERA, Mélanie Vanlemberghe, AFAC, and Genny Haynes, ARO. They discussed what is needed to keep Arabian Racing vibrant in their country, France and the UAE having the most horses needing races written. They included future plans to update the number of races and how to attract the public to support racing.

Future of Global Racing

The Global Arabian Horse Racing Conference is supported by HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan in it’s 15th year.

The third and final session will go on tomorrow, 30 November, and include Challenges in Racing, a session on Women in Racing, and a final panel discussing the very current topic of Social Media.

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