Can Jockeys Benefit from Vitamin Therapy?

Beverly Hills to Abu Dhabi

Dr. Matea Polisoto

Dr. Matea Polisoto

28 October 2016, USA ~ As a health advisor to movie stars and multi-million dollar athletes, Matea Polisoto N.D.,a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor based in Beverly Hills, California, combines medical art, advanced dietary knowledge, and holistic healing with the tact of Mahatma Gandhi.

We met up with Dr. Matea in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she had been asked to consult on jockey diet and health for the ever-growing Arabian racing world of the HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Global Arabian Horse Racing Festival.

The Doctor’s credentials are impressive. After working for years off and on as a medical assistant and technician, the youthful-looking Dr. Matea gained an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from New York State University at Buffalo, then graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon. She was licensed as a Primary Care Physician ten years ago.

I decided to head more into the holistic side of medicine with the encouragement of my mentor, nutrition expert Dr. Doris Rapp,” Dr. Matea said. “This training expanded my knowledge into nutritional supplements, homeopathy, massage, and hydromassage. We also went deep into preventive and supportive treatments such as special diets, neuropathy, homeopathy, body treatments, and meditation.”

Her lively blue eyes sparkle with enthusiasm as Dr. Polisto, known simply as Dr. Matea by clients and colleagues, explained the need for dietary intervention as well as fast healing supplements for many of her Beverly Hills patrons.

Besides wellness support and athlete fatigue prevention, the doctor’s arsenal includes vitamin drips (a bespoke cocktail suited to each individual’s needs) that promises immediate benefits.

“Fatigue is top on the list of complaints,” continued the Doctor. “My clients have demanding lives and their output of energy is way over their input of nutrition. In the beginning they reach for more caffeine and sugar to gear up, and wine and pot to wind down. After a while you need more and more. Some clients are completely depleted when they come to us.”

“If you get a vitamin IV, you see immediate results,” she continued. “I treat many singers and athletes. Many entertainers are wiped out. What we are doing is making up for improper lifestyle and habits.”

“One day of dehydration can be disastrous. We are hearing about athletes that have suffered from sudden death syndrome, arrhythmias due to dehydration depleting trace minerals through sweat. Many athletes are not on a good daily supplement regime. One IV with vitamin C, and the turn around is huge.”

“I call what I do, Peak Performance, she explains. “A typical call for help might be from a show business entertainer that is losing their voice due to stress, a tight concert schedule and travel from one venue to the next. It might be Grammy or Oscar time and the show must go on. Fatigue and illness can be a disaster in loss of revenue, prestige and reputation. We generally treat this fatigue with fluids, liver detox, oxygen, a vitamin IV, and they are good to go.”

The Benefit to Jockeys

Her focus on jockey wellness will begin with addressing their notoriously high-stress, poor diet lifestyle from travel and making weight for the races. Fasting and marathon sauna sessions to exercising in nylon sweat suits are typical ways to lose quick weight on the day of a race. Champion jockey Frankie Dettori states that he gets through some days on little more than half a candy bar, a chicken leg and some lemon tea.

Affirming what we already know, that this is no way to control a 1300 pound animal running at full speed, Dr. Matea said, “These are also athletes and jockeys must stay sharp. They must have reserves.”

These young jockeys are athletes, generally in the age range of 22-39. The common theme is that they all say they are tired. They are up before dawn, ride numerous horses, and have travel and other jobs and duties.

I like the challenge. Drugs have a limited impact but our tools work. I originally was more into nature cures, but we have a menu of help programs and these vitamin drips work fast.”

Continuing on jockey support, she concluded, “Athletes want to be number one. Diets and supplements are important. These athletes have not been taught proper nutrition, only about dieting. I will be supporting them to teach them what they can do to maintain weight and stay healthy, and the advantages of using vitamins, supplements, and trace minerals. Most of the jockeys are not on a good supplement routine. The vitamin supplement works fast and is a necessary and positive step in the road to health and wellness.”

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Editor Notes: Dr. Matea was in Abu Dhabi to serve as a consultant for the Apprentice Jockey program supported by the HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Racing Festival, the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship, and the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice Jockey Championship. The support of HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak underwrites the International Federation of Horse Racing Academies (IFHRA) that is working to support and standardize jockey education around the world.
Dr. Matea is developing an education blogging website on “Healthy eating on the go” that will include lifestyle choices, recipes, and her preferred product brands.