China Horse Industry Conference Set for 14-15 April

riders18 January 2015, Shanghai, China ~ HORFA2016, the China Horse Industry Conference and Fair to be held from 14-15 April 2016, in Shanghai, will be a good B2B platform for investors, buyers and industry vendors, according to organizers.

The Beijing Olympics in 2008 provided a significant boost for the Chinese equestrian industry

The HORFA project director, Jane Wang, talked about HORFA with emotion. She said the China horse market has developed relatively slowly compared to other industries. Beijing Olympic Games 2008 was a watershed for the market. Before 2008 the people involved were mainly from associations, traditional practitioners and staff while there are now new horse owners, new events and new clubs as well as large-scale projects after 2008. In 2015 Equestrian competitions increased by 20% in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinija, Tianjin, Wuhan and Chengdu.arena

In consideration of the influence on future horse industry, HORFA will invite equestrian clubs and practitioner staff from all over the nation, but also as many local developers and investors as possible to connect China capital with the horse industry. In China, it is often the wealthy that will begin to be involved and this is thought to foster a spirit and interest in horsemanship that will eventually trickle down to the general public.

jumpingIncreased Competitions
In February, the 2015 snow polo tournament was launched in Tianjin China. It is the biggest polo competition worldwide and total 12 polo teams attended. This was the 4th competition since 2012.

On 3 April, the 2nd Dubai horse racing (Chengdu) was held in Golden Horse Equine Sports Park with the total prize RMB3.75 million. Twelve riders from Ireland, UAE, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands with 50 race horses attended.

On 20 September, the Chinese rider Mr. Liankai Ma won the Championship of Hungarian Horse Racing. Two Chinese riders, Mr. Alex Hua and Ms. Yixiu Wang, qualified for the Rio Olympics.

On 23-25 October, the 5th Beijing International Equine Master was held in Bird’s Nest with the total prize iof RMB1.58 million. The qualified riders are among top FEI riders and top 22 riders in China.USQHAexhibitors2

As the HORFA project director said, “We expect that demand for high-quality horses, harnesses, studs, construction and planning services, equestrian games planning services and other services/products in the Chinese market will grow sharply in the next 5 years. HORFA is a platform showing the whole chain of horse industry and is a center gathering information on the horse industry and delivering positive energy. Whatever HORFA is, we all hope HORFA can drive the development of the China horse industry and equestrianism, help global equestrian companies get business chances in the China horse market with huge potential, and show them a real China horse market.”






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