Compiegne CEI 2* gives French team the win

May 25, Compiegne, France ~ After riders and organizers recovered from the 160 km CEI 3* on Friday, May 24, Sunday found many riders mounting again for the 120 CEI 2* Trophy Ride, sponsored by the Royal Endurance Team of Bahrain. 

Elisabeth Hardy from Belgium won riding 11 yr old, Arizona de Lafon (Akbar x Sayinara), now owned by Emaar Stables, a horse she saw for the first time at the competition. When the horse she would ride was not available, Emaar kindly offered her Arizona. The duo finished first in a ride time of 05:21:38. After her win, Hardy commented on the horse’s speed despite muddy terrain and said he was still strong at the finish.

Hardy was followed in by two UAE riders, Rashid Mohd Al Baloushi on Dudley Dick TE, and Sh Hasher bin Mohd Thani Al Maktoum on Diaak.

The French with home field advantage brought in the best part of the top ten riders, winning the Team Event with Les Daltons Le Retour with members: Philippe Tomas, J.Philippe Frances, Christophe Nogueira, and Pierre Fleury finished four in combine 21.31 time

Top Ten:

2. Rashi Mohd I Al Baloushi (UAE), Dudley Dick TE

3. Sh Hasher bin Mohd Thani Al Maktoum (UAE),  Diaak

4. Philippe Tomas, (FR), Quotien Persky (Arques Perspex x Sand de Sky)

5. Javier Cervera Sanchez-Arnedo (ESP), Strawblade

6. Jean Philippe Frances (FR),  Qrafik La Majorie

7. Christophe Nogueira (FR) Native Du Cambou

8. Laurent Mosti (FR), Easy Fontnoire

9. Pierre Fleury, (FR) Kergof

10. Yacoob Yousif Yacoob Al Hammadi (BRN), Magdan Rayan

98 starts/62 riders finished the last  Thierry Verrhiest on Ainhoa Le Mirage, ride time, 07:53:20

Full Results:


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