Dubai World Cup 2020 To be Contested Without Paid Spectators

12 March 2020, The World ~ As the unprecedented world crisis of the virus known as COVID-19 escalates, events around the world are being cancelled or run without spectators.

COVID-19 is now in over 100 countries, with 300 million children out of school. Millions of people are in lockdown, as governments take a variety of approaches to stop the virus from spreading.

The latest event affected is the Dubai World Cup. The 28 March, 2020 Dubai World Cup will be run without paid hospitality or paid spectators. All supporting events have been cancelled as well as the raceday events and entertainment. Only horse connections, racing officials, accredited media and sponsors will be permitted entry.

UAE ERA Race Meetings Will Be Contested Without Spectators
From 10 March in accordance with public safety measures pertaining to the proliferation of COVID-19/coronavirus, Emirates Racing Authority (ERA) will contest the race meetings at Meydan Racecourse (March 12, 2020), Al Ain Racecourse (March 13, 2020), Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club (March 14, 2020) and Jebel Ali Racecourse (March 20, 2020) without attendees.
Though without spectators, all races will be contested and regulated in a standard fashion and results will be recorded in an official capacity. Only horse connections, racing officials, sponsors and accredited media personnel will be permitted entry.

The Dubai International Horse Champion ship from 12-14 March, will be contested without spectators.

In similar fashion events around the world are being cancelled.
Postponed-Saudi Arabia 2020 International Festival of Arabian Horses

Music Tours, Award Festival, cancelled.

The French ministerial decree of 9 March 2020 prohibiting gatherings of more than 1,000 people. Consequently, the eleventh Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, due to take place in Paris from 20 to 22 March 2020, is cancelled.

California has put out a new policy ending mass gatherings of 250+ people to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

US Sporting events such as the NCAA Tournament canceled; NHL suspends the season; MLB to halt spring training.

Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, California, will be closed until the end of March. Disney noted that there had been no reported cases of the virus at the resort.

Universities, schools and libraries are closing or have limited usesage. Classes are slated to go online to continue studies.

Before traveling to a scheduled event, check for current changes.

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