EARS Conference, added Ladies Championship races, French Conference in the news

     September 17, 2012, Abu Dhabi ~ Several press conferences during September in Abu Dhabi announced new programs and added incentives for the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival. In 2013, more than 64 races will be run within the three series:  the Wathba Stud Farm Cup, with 25 races around the world for small owners and breeders and 10 races in the UAE; the HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup, with nine worldwide PA races; and the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship, with nine Arabian races open to female riders in Australia, Oman, Texas, Morocco, England, Germany, Sweden, Poland and France, with the final held in Abu Dhabi on November 11. Two races, one in San Francisco, California, and one in Duindigt in Holland, will bring the number to 12 for the 2013 series.

In 2013 we will also see the first conference on education and curriculum for jockeys and those working with race horses in order to share, improve, and standardize schools and education in this field. Susanna Santesson, President of  the European Association of Racing Schools (EARS) said, “This Conference on education and training in the horse racing industry will allow for an exchange of information and be an improvement for all. The racing schools are all involved and happy to follow our dream.”    

Formed in 2000, Santesson is proud to have a Conference that will bring together the players from the best jockey schools in France, England, Ireland, Italy and Germany. The 2013 Conference for this event will be held in November in Abu Dhabi as the HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak EARS conference.  Major jockey schools and schools related to racing activities will be invited to participate, and the event is open. The Conference will be topped off with an apprentice jockey race of the best talent from the attending schools. School Directors,, Dawn Goodfellow of the Doncaster Northern Racing College, Kai Schirmann of the German Jockey School, and Enrico Querci of ALFEA in Italy, were all in attendance to lend their support.

Lara Sawaya, Director of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival and head of IFAHR Ladies Racing, applauded the foresight of the alliance for creating the schools and is happy to welcome the Conference to the umbrella of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Global Arabian Flat Racing Festival.  “We are growing,” she said of the four-year old Festival.  Sawaya warmly welcomed the EARS Conference and said of the education of jockeys and others in the field of horse racing: “You are our future.”

Michel Caralp, Financial and Administration Executive for Toulouse Racecourse was in Abu Dhabi at ADIHEX along with the Director of French Arabian Racing Association (AFAC), Veronique Briat and they stated that France is looking forward to playing host to the Fourth World Arabian Racing Conference to be held in Toulouse in 2013.  Toulouse ranks third in France for number of race days each year, now at 51. The June Conference date will be followed by a race day, and it is hoped that the Prix Carthage Hannibal, a group 2PA might run for this day.  Previously, the Conference has been held in Abu Dhabi,(20110) The Hague( 2011), and Berlin (2012).





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