ECAHO Holds General Assembly at Ritz Carlton Doha




February 22, 2014, Doha ~ The European Conference of Arab Horse Organisation (ECAHO) held their 31st Annual General Assembly at the Ritz Carlton in Doha on Saturday, February 22. The Assembly was chaired by Chairman Mr. Jaroslav Lacina, Vice Chairman  Mrs. Anna Stojanowska and Treasurer Mr Marek Trela.

Around 30 countries were represented in the ECAHO General Assembly including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, Libya, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic and 60 delegates attended the meetings. Prominent members  HRH Princess Alia bint Al Hussain and Mr Faisal Bin Mahboob Bin Hasan Al Raisi, Director General of the Royal Cavalry of Oman were welcomed.

In addition to their Assembly meetings, the delegation from various organizations will witness the 23rd Qatar International Equestrian Festival on the invitation from Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club while in Doha.

On the sidelines of the Assembly, there were separate meetings such as the ECAHO Show Commission meeting chaired by HRH Princess Alia bint Al Hussain. The ECAHO Registration and Identification Commission chaired by Mr. Winand Bijnens and the ECAHO Sports Commission headed Mr Jaroslav Lacina also held their annual meetings.

Qatar’s official delegation to the General Assembly consisted of Mr Abdulaziz Jassim Al Boenain, QREC Head of Horse Show Section and Horse Registry, and Mr Abdulaziz Al Subiai, QREC Deputy Head of Horse Show Section.

Mr Sami Jassim Al Boenain, QREC General Manager, and Mr Tariq Abdulhamid Al Siddiqi, QREC Deputy General Manager, were on hand to welcome the delegates and guests for the inauguration of the conference.

HE Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Malki, QREC Vice Chairman, gave a welcome address inaugurating the conference.

 “On behalf of the Racing and Equestrian Club, it gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you here for this first ECAHO conference in Qatar. REC has been organising international and local shows since the early nineteen nineties and therefore many of you have visited Qatar before. To those of you, who are here for the first time, a very special welcome.”

“Hospitality is an ancient tradition in our part of the world which we take very seriously. We want you to enjoy yourselves while you are our guests and for that reason we organized plenty of events for you, HE Abdulaziz added.

“You already have visited the International Show, therefore you have the championships to look forward to and two days of our International Straight Egyptian Horse show. In addition to that, several of the stud-farms are looking forward to entertaining you,” he concluded.




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