Epic Equestrian Storytelling at 2018 EQUUS International Film Festival

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Cobra the Wild Mustang

Cobra the Wild Mustang

30 November 2018, Missoula, Montana, USA ~ The short list for the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival® Awards, March 14-17 in Missoula, Montana, promises epic equestrian storytelling alongside its theme of Healing, Hope & the Promise of the Horse/Human Bond.’

Meet 9 year-old Mongolian horseman, Janibek, in Boy Nomad: A Coming of Age Story From the Roof of the World. The documentary short follows a boy who wants to grow up to be just like his herdsman dad and tells us, before the family’s nomadic trek to winter pastures, “It’s easy to be happy on a horse.”

Native Relay Race

Native Relay Race

Or Cobra the Mustang, the true story of an unwanted, ‘three-strikes’ wild mustang stallion transformed into a dressage world champion (and music video star).

The narrative short, Honoring Veterans, Honoring Mustangs, looks at Mustang Heritage Foundation trainer Katie Keterhagen’s work with wild horses and warriors: “It’s hard to move forward in life when you don’t know where you stand.”

Keep the tissues nearby for Their Last Ride, an unflinching look at Presidio, Texas, the last stop for horses before slaughter, and the appeals for more humane treatment by Native Americans and the Thundering Hooves Memorial Fence project: “They have no honor; they are just a commodity.

Festival founder/organizer Janet Rose says EIFF will hold a Friday, 15 March 2019 special presentation of Fast Horse, about Native Relay Racing, that won Best Documentary Short in its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Screenings will be available to western Montana students and teachers.

EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival is the only international event of its kind headquartered in the heart of the American West and dedicated to raising appreciation for horses by recognizing the work of film, TV and multi-media artists; enhancing the equine/human bond; and improving equine welfare and wellbeing. EIFF is an official outreach project of Horse Haven Montana and EIFF On the Trail Tours partner with organizations to bring equine films and issues to audiences worldwide. A tour can be arranged to come to your hometown.

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