European HARC Championship Runs Nations Cup on 30 October

10 October 2017, Belgium ~ The Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) has announced the forthcoming European HARC Championship taking place in Ghlin, Belgium, on 30 October 2017.

Run for the second year, this popular Championship will have entries from Russia, Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden and for the first time, Iran, totaling 12 runners to date competing for a purse of €20,000.

Supplementary entries deadline is 25 October.

LUNDI 30 OCTOBRE 2017 À 17H00
Engagements – Inschrijvingen

20000 (10000, 5000, 2500, 1500, 1000)
Purse kindly offered by : HARC: the Heritage Arabian Racing Club
For Arabian horses of 3 years old and older, registered in a WAHO-accepted stud-book and whose origins comply with the HARC definition.
Race run under BFP-Galop-rules.

Entries as of 10/10/2017
Ceylon (RU)
Demona (RO)
Ganj Beik (IR) – first time entered out of the country
Gidon (RUS)
Ianua Bosana (ITY)
Ibis Bosana (ITY)
Kallista (GB)
Mr. Maxiumus (SW)
Pamills Lipse (SW)
RM Estelle (SW)
Sakmagom Tersk (RU)
Tessa (R)

Travel incentives (300 euro per horse) if traveling by ferry and/or over more than 300km.

The Heritage Nations Cup will be awarded if three or more countries (or groups of countries i.e. Eastern Europe) have at least three starters in the HARC Championship. Points equal to the placing of the three best horses of each country are totaled. The Nations Cup goes to the country with the lowest total of points for its three best horses. Trophies are offered by the Arabian Horse Organisation (AHO) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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