Ex-Arabian Racehorse Wins Haggin Cup Best Condition at 2017 Tevis Cup Ride

11 August 2017, USA ~ The 17.5 year-old gelding, Auli Farwa ridden by Tennessee Lane, was the first to cross the line at 10 PM and pass the vet check at the 2017, 5 August, Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride. The 62nd Tevis Cup, a point-to-point ride from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, California, started 174 horse & rider teams on what is judged to be one of the most challenging 160km trails in the USA.

Auli Farwa (FV Aul Fancy Free x Winchester Silkie), “Farr”, finished 12 minutes ahead of second in, Lindsay Fisher and Monk, followed by third, Jeremy Reynolds riding the 7-yr-old ex-Arabian racehorse, Treasured Moments. Treasured Moments (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) bred by Cre Run Farm, received the Haggin Cup award, the third time that Reynolds has won this award on three different horses.
2017 – Treasured Moments
2011 – Riverwatch
2004 – CV Eli

The Tevis Cup requires that a horse and rider team cover the 100 miles within 24 hours. There are veterinary checkpoints along the trail, including a final vet check after the finish. The Haggin Cup recognizes superior horsemanship as demonstrated by the condition of the contestant’s horse during and after the ride. Receiving a buckle for the ride finish is a badge of honor. For 2017, 92 riders received their ride completion buckles for a 52% completion rate.

Note :Farr has started 74 rides and has 74 completions, including eight Tevis completions as of 2017.
Ex-Arabian racehorses make excellent endurance horses as they are athletically bred and trained and usually enjoy the long miles.

Exceptional snowfall in the High Sierras near the traditional Lake Tahoe starting point convinced ride management to move the start to Soda Springs. Riders traversed Duncan Canyon before arriving at Mile 36 at Robinson Flat and rejoining the traditional Western States Trail route. Rerouting the 100-mile ride through remote country required extra effort including help from California’s senators and congressmen.

Fun Facts:
There were only five riders in the first 1955 Tevis Ride: Wendell Robie, Bill Patrick, Nick Mansfield, Dick Highfill, Pat Sewell.

The oldest horse to complete the Ride was Ace’s Wild, a 26-year-old quarter/grade, ridden by Moire Donald in 1980.

The oldest rider to complete the Ride was 80 years old in 2005: Jim Steere, DVM.

More Information http://www.teviscup.org/

~ Pamela