FEI Endurance Forum in Costa Rica Discusses New Endurance rules

FEI Endurance Forum30 January 2015, Costa Rica ~Over 64 delegates from FEI Group V attended an FEI Endurance Forum in Tilaran, Costa Rica, on 23-25 January 2015, the first Forum following the introduction of the new Endurance rules on 1 August last year.

FEI Group V covers Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Athletes, officials including judges, technical delegates and veterinarians, as well as coaches and owners, gathered for the three-day Forum organised with the Costa Rica National Federation and Costa Rica Endurance Association to discuss Endurance across Central and South America and globally.

Key areas addressed included horse inspections, the field of play, anti-doping and veterinary rules, disqualification and the FEI Online Entry System, which gives access to over 100,000 international athletes through a single online platform.

At the end of the Forum, a one-hour Endurance ride was held to demonstrate the new rules in action.

“The FEI Endurance Forum was extremely productive in a region where Endurance enjoys huge success,” FEI Endurance Director Manuel Bandeira de Mello said.

“We’re now looking forward to rolling out our series of Endurance courses and seminars throughout 2015, as part of our plan to develop one of the FEI’s fastest-growing disciplines.”

Photo: Over 64 delegates attended the FEI Endurance Forum in Tilaran, Costa Rica, as part of the FEI’s plan to further develop Endurance worldwide. (Photo: FEI)

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