FEI holds Second Endurance Strategic Planning Group in October

October 10, 2013, Lausanne ~ The FEI Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) held its second meeting in early October  continuing the process of strategic planning to meet the needs of the FEI’s second biggest discipline and address the challenges for an ongoing clean and responsible sport.

The Group, chaired by Andrew Finding, CEO of the British Equestrian Federation, spent a full day working on the development of the proposed strategic plan for Endurance which will address all of the challenges faced by the sport, and continued to work through the four key areas already identified that the Group believes require specific review to ensure that the discipline continues to grow in the correct direction, namely, Governance and Structure; Culture and Responsibility; Communication and Foundation for Growth.

During the meeting, held at FEI Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, ESPG members were also briefed by FEI Directors from the Veterinary and Endurance Departments on progress already made following the round table session in July, including the imminent  implementation of the injury Surveillance System, the ongoing management and assessment of FEI Endurance Officials, and Rule changes for approval at the GA.

“The issues are complex and wide-ranging but the core challenge is to put in place a plan that will promote substantially reduced malpractice while ensuring the levels of supervision, management and regulation are right for a global sport. At its heart will be a call for cultural change, for good governance and self-discipline,” said Andrew Finding.

“We are working to present a clear strategy for consideration by all National Federations as well as the FEI Bureau. We are acutely aware of the importance of this work, but no committee can resolve all the challenges. Ultimately, it will be the quality of leadership in all national Federations that will resolve the issues we face.”

The Group will hold another meeting prior to the Endurance session at the FEI General Assembly in Montreux (SUI) from 4 to 7 November.

The four Group members are Brian Sheahan, Chair (AUS); Joe Mattingley (USA), international Endurance rider; Saeed H Al Tayer (UAE), Vice President of the Dubai Equestrian Club; respected veterinarian and chef d’equipe, Jean-Louie Leclerc (FRA).


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